Tuesday, May 22, 2012



This article shows what can happen to a stock when it is overhyped, such as Facebook.  Everybody was very excited about its IPO launching, but then very disappointed when it plummeted because it was possibly overvalued, and now there is speculation that it could drag the market down.

Housing Market Up


This article is an economic indicator as it talks about the amount of home buyers going up and foreclosures going down, indicating good recovery in the housing market.

Commercial Spacecraft


This article shows possible economic growth as it shows that a private company can successfully launch a spacecraft, opening the door to an entire industry of companies in the future.

Ford Upgraded


This is an example of an economic indicator as it shows Ford is continuing to recover with GM and Chrysler as most people know the auto industry is recovering.  It talks about Ford being upgraded to investment-grade and briefly mentions that GM is on track to be in approximately a year and also mentions Chrysler's recovery.

Postal Service Declining


This article from the New York Times is a good example of competition and of Supply and Demand.  It shows supply and demand by showing that as a result of decreasing demand for the postal service, supply will have to decrease at some point as well, decreasing the amount of deliveries or shutting down altogether.  It also shows competition because the postal service is struggling to compete with the superior offerings from UPS and FedEx.

Monday, April 23, 2012



This cartoon shows the financial crisis that is continuing.  The people on it are waiting for it to hit the bottom before trying to fix it.  Instead they should try to fix it before it hits bottom so less damage is done.